The museum brings interactive family learning adventures to libraries, community organizations, and special events around the state. Request your program today! 
Our 60-90 minute experiences are tailored to family audiences and each one includes a fun introductory presentation, followed by activity tables offering touchable specimens and hands-on activities. Each program is presented by a museum educator and is available to travel anywhere in the state.




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Ever wonder how Earth fits in among the planets, stars, and galaxies? Through science experiments and interactive stations, you'll explore what makes our planet so special and learn how we can keep it that way.    

Take off on a geology adventure and explore our ever-changing planet Earth. Dig into rocks, fossils, earthquakes and volcanoes through hands-on activities and rockin’ specimens, discovering the dynamic forces that have shaped Oregon’s landscape over time.

ENGINEER IT! Exploring Ancient Technologies
Build a shelter, design a boat, weave a shoe, or invent a fishing tool! Try out your own engineering skills while discovering technologies designed by Oregon’s first engineers. Native American people have long used science and engineering to create effective tools, homes, clothing, cooking methods and more - passing this knowledge down through generations. Many of these innovations are still being used today! Join us to explore a collection of Oregon artifacts from the museum and engage in fun, hands-on engineering challenges.

Can you pounce like a saber tooth cat, lift like a mammoth, or stroll like a giant ground sloth? Get moving as you discover how these and other amazing ancient animals ran, swam, leaped, climbed, and ate their way through Oregon’s history. Explore fossils, bones and teeth while comparing ancient animals to those living in Oregon today.

Program Costs
  • $110 for a 60- to 90-minute program.
  • Mileage expenses ($0.58 per mile) apply for locations outside of the Eugene/Springfield area. 
  • Additional travel expenses may apply if an overnight stay is necessary.
  • Fees for other types of community programs are determined based on specific needs and interests. Contact the MNCH outreach program at or 541-346-5019 to learn more.
Scheduling and Planning

To schedule a community outreach program, please complete and submit a program request form at least one month prior to your requested program date, including a description of your specific interests and needs.

Programs require space for six to ten activity tables, but setup is flexible and can be tailored to the size of your library or audience.

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Questions? Contact our outreach program at or 541-346-5019.

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