The museum's Condon Fossil Collection is Oregon's premier paleontological research collection. Founded in the late 1800s by pioneering geologist Thomas Condon, the collection is now the state's official repository for publicly owned paleontological materials and ensures that generations of Oregonians will have access to our  remarkable fossil heritage. 
The Condon Collection contains more than 60,000 catalogued specimensincluding the type specimen of Oregon's famous giant spike-toothed salmon. Most other specimens are fossil mammals, although we also house significant numbers of non-mammal vertebrates, invertebrates, plants, and microfossils. The majority of fossils are from Oregon, including the John Day Fossil Beds, the Oregon Coast and Coast Range, and the Juntura area. 


We are always interested in new finds reported by members of the public. In fact, most new fossil sites aren't found by scientists, but by other people out exploring and enjoying outdoor activities. Finds on public lands should be immediately reported to the Bureau of Land Management. Collecting fossils on public land is regulated by the government. Finds on private land in the United States are property of the landowner. We are happy to help with excavation of fossil finds on private land if the fossils will be donated to the museum collection. All fossil donations are tax-deductible charitable contributions. If you found a fossil and want to report it or have it identified, please contact Condon Fossil Collection Director Edward Davis at 541-346-3461 or


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