Welcome to Virtual Little Wonders. This month, we're digging into the world of fossils to celebrate National Fossil Day. 

Learn and play from home—museum style! Preschoolers and their adults can now join us online for our popular Little Wonders program, featuring stories, hands-on activities, and more. This month, we're celebrating National Fossil Day by investigating fascinating fossils. Who studies fossils? Where do you find them? What kinds of fossils are at the museum? Join us to find answers to all of these questions and create your own fossil craft! 

Little Wonders Activity Kit Want a little help gathering the materials? We now have Little Wonders activity kits, available for pick-up at the museum starting Wednesday, October 14. Kits are $5 each; MNCH members are entitled to two free kits each month; discounted kits are available to Oregon Trail or other EBT card holders. Supplies are limited and kits are available on a first- come, first-served basis. Pick up your kit Wednesday through Sunday from 12:00 noon to 3:00 p.m., and while you're here, be sure to check out the amazing fossils on display to get ready for our prehistoric adventure.

Questions about kit availability? Contact the museum at 541-346-3024.

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Museum paleontologist in the collections vaults


In this 6-minute video, museum educator Robyn teaches us about fossils and gives an overview the fun crafts and activities we're featuring this month. There’s also a special guest appearance by our very own museum paleontologist, Edward Davis.


Dinosaur Lady cover

Story time
Listen to a reading of this month's story, Dinosaur Lady: The Daring Discoveries of Mary Anning, the First Paleontologist, by Linda Skeers, read with permission from Sourcebooks.


Fossil Prints


Fossil Prints
Make your own mold fossils with clay or salt dough using this step-by-step guide.

Dog prints in the sand

Finding Trace Fossils
Look around the place where you live or a nearby park and find evidence of a living thing that could someday become a trace fossil. Use this guide to identify the different signs.

Movement Cube

Prehistoric Animal Movement Cube
Can you stomp like a mammoth or flap like a Pteranodon? With these easy instructions and a fun movement cube template, you can pretend to be different kinds of prehistoric animals!

Fossil Puzzle

Fossil Puzzles
Put together the puzzle to reveal the skeleton of the Harlan’s ground sloth or Smilodon (sabertoothed cat) from the museum’s Explore Oregon exhibit. Download and print the puzzle templates here.

Skeleton Craft

Skeleton Fossil Craft
Make your own fossil skeleton of any animal with this easy step-by-step guide.

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