1. List ALL activities, organizations, and meeting times that you will be involved in this year. Please include: class schedule, work schedule, internships, campus organizations, and offices you currently hold. 
2. Please list any additional organizations in which you are or have been a member during your time at UO. Be sure to include any offices you hold/held in those organizations. For incoming freshmen, list any high school organizations in which you were involved
3. What ideas do you have for furthering the goals of the MNCH Student Club? How would you work to raise awareness of the museum on campus?
4. What do you hope to gain from being a member of this club?
5. Describe a significant accomplishment in your academic, campus, or other background. Why do you consider the accomplishment significant?
6. How did you learn about the MNCH Student Club?
To be eligible for membership, one must be a full-time UO undergraduate student, be willing and able to commit a minimum of three hours of service to the MNCH per week, and be in good standing with the university. Members will be responsible to meet the requirements for the entire academic year. Attendance at MNCH Student Club meetings and activities is mandatory unless otherwise stated.

If selected, I understand I must make my MNCH Student Club membership a priority and I accept all responsibility connected to my membership. I affirm the accuracy of the content of this application.
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Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Once a completed application is received, applicants will be contacted to schedule an interview.