The OREGON CULTURE KEEPERS ROSTER is an online, juried selection of folk and traditional artists and cultural experts documented through our regional surveys and Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Program (TAAP). Included artists preserve and present Oregon heritage for a variety of audiences.
The roster features only those with strong cultural ties to their traditional art forms and a commitment to preserving and perpetuating those forms. They must demonstrate excellent craftsmanship and the ability successfully share their work through public demonstrations, performances, or presentations.
At present, we have culture keepers from 23 Oregon counties and four of Oregon's nine federally recognized Tribes. As we complete more fieldwork around Oregon, we’ll be expanding the roster. 
OFN recommends that artists/culture keepers receive a fee of at least $250 plus travel expenses, unless otherwise noted. We do not serve as a booking agent, so please contact artists directly. 
Search the roster by name, heritage, county, or keyword to find
  • highly skilled traditional artists for your classroom,
  • storytellers for your library event,
  • cultural experts for your humanities program,
  • performers for your festival stage, or
  • craft artists for demonstrations.
Check back often—we regularly add new folk and traditional artists!
Interested in applying to be on the roster?
  • First, make sure what you do fits OFN’s definition of a culture keeper and/or folk artist. (We prefer the broader term culture keeper, since not everyone considers themselves an artist even while they practice folkways such as traditional cooking and baking, saddle and gear making, and the like).  
  • Second, fill out and send in the application form and all required work samples.
Special thanks to the Oregon Cultural Trust, Oregon Historical Society, Oregon Arts Commission, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the University of Oregon for their support of the roster.