Welcome to Virtual Little Wonders. This month is all about the sharks that call the ocean home.

Examples of different shark jaws on a table


In this 5-minute video, museum educator Robyn teaches us about sharks and introduces the fun crafts and activities we're featuring this month.


Sharkabet cover

Story time
Watch and listen to the story, Sharkabet: A Sea of Sharks from A to Z by Ray Troll, read with permission from West Margin Press. 


Sensory bag supplies


Ocean Sensory Bag
Create an ocean of your very ownfilled with sharks, fish, and other sea lifeusing this step-by-step guide.

Matching game activity supplies

Shark Matching Game
Can you find the matching sharks? This game will have you looking closely at lots of different kinds of sharks. Download and print out the pieces here.

Sun catcher example

Ocean Sun Catcher
Bring the ocean into your home with this beautiful watercolor craft! Get started with this easy guide

Shark swimming in an aquarium

Aquarium Shark Cam
Explore the Oregon Coast Aquarium's live shark camera! Can you spot the leopard sharks swimming around?

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